How to make natural product against mosquitoes

During the summer, the emergence of mosquitoes in tropical areas is imminent. To protect you from mosquito attacks, preserve health and also drove them without the use of chemical agents, make a simple preparation that can store at home and always carry with.

You will be required: 

- 500 ml (1 pint) of alcohol
- 3.5 oz cloves
- Half a cup of vegetable oil (almond, lavender, olive) 

How to prepare natural product against mosquitoes?

In a glass bottle or jar put alcohol and in it put cloves and close. Allow to stand for 4 days and daily shake content throughout the day.

After four days, in a jar with alcohol and cloves, add oil and all mix well.

This natural made product smudge on arms and legs or anywhere on the skin and you'll notice that mosquitoes will not attack you and will not leave painful red circles on the skin.



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