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Which persons are really unnecessary in your life?

You are sociable, communicative, and easy to make new friends, meetings at work. You are not vain, not jealous on friends, even among men you are in a special place.  You have cheerful and optimistic spirit, and you have beliefs that such energy will be inexhaustible source.

Until when? Does wisdom come with age, or we simply tired during aging begin to change our habits, in the selection of a society even those that we really fond.

Once you realized that you can’t be on a thousand places and with the thousands of people, you will figure it out – it is time to draw the line and consider the options - which one need to be out of your social life?

Does wisdom come with age, or we simply tired during aging begin to change our habits, in the selection of a society even those that we really fond.

People who need to get out of your life are:

1. Energy Vampires

Surely you've heard of energy vampires, who suck our energy instead of blood. They are able to squeeze us like a lemon, that we have no more time for ourselves. Most often these are friends and relatives that have seen you as bag to dump their frustration, not caring for your time and feelings.

When one day you realize that such persons are just selfish energy suckers, you’ll make a decision to detach them.

2. Friend from childhood  

From childhood you have had hang out with her, share the happy and unhappy moments. But one day when you realize that you are an adult and you do diverging paths (at least you) you get to know the other side of your friendship - always and forever. Maybe this option doesn’t suit you as your friend, who unlike you have no obligations in life and still wants to hang like when you were teenagers.

Cut this straight, and say forever NO to further obligations.

3. Ex-boyfriend and never ending sex relation

You are overcrowded, you come home late, time for yourself and your emotional life you just don’t have. When you capture the moment, you've been seeing with the ex, because like you, he is too busy and have no time for emotional union with a new person. Your relationship is monotonous and with an interest.

Consider how long will you keep this kind of relationship and whether it can meet the emotional emptiness? Maybe it's time to fall in love again.

4. Relatives feel sorry of you

Finally holidays, finally a little breaks. But not! The guests come and relatives who do not come often but they are always ready to ask you a thousand annoying issues - marriage, why are you still single, when you plan to have a baby ...

One thing is certain - these meetings are inevitable but your attitude with regards to the problem can be solved. Learn to deal with matters on which you do not have or have a partial reply with an uncomfortable grimace.

5. A girlfriend called snob

This friend cheese around only criticism - in terms of dressing, choice of partner, and go to such extremes to comment on how you chew. Do you need such a friend at all? Or you do not have enough confidence or the courage to say no. Choose to be single, or to be slave for snob.

6. Love at work

If you do not want to be cheated in marriage, avoid the same. Although you are very fond of married colleague at work, however, always select a solution such as platonic love. Surely you do not want to destroy anyone marriage. Think carefully before your emotions say - action!

7. Friends on Instagram

Social networks today are very present in the life of all people on the planet and for each one they have been a substitute for real life. At some point these hangings can be fun even though in the long run does not make a positive impression.
Always choose a real life, real people and good gatherings.



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